APEX Research: About Us

About Us

APEX Research was founded 1994 as one of the first European CRO´s specialized in pharmacokinetic studies with patients.
APEX stands for Applied Pharmacology and EXperimental Pharmacotherapy.

  • Our vision is to define applied pharmacology as a tool to accelerate drug development.
  • Our concept is to include the patient into the drug development process safely, early, and effectively.
  • Our area of expertise is the clinical performance of phase I and phase IIa studies in our own clinical unit.
  • Our patients are patients with impaired hepatic or renal function, diabetes patients, asthma patients, hypertensive patients and other patients with chronic stabile diseases.
  • Our cooperation partners: GP's, clinicians, CRO's, specialized labs.
  • Our clients are leading international pharmaceutical companies.
  • Our investors? APEX is still owned by our managing director and our clinical pharmacologist.